J:P24.2010 – Engaging Students

April 10, 2010

From radio astronomer Shinji Horiuchi
Reporting from Madrid, Spain

The Jupiter 24 session has been conducted yesterday as scheduled. I joined the PARTNeR observation at MDSCC with Cristina Garcia Miro and PARTNeR staff. A highlight was interaction with local high school students while they operated the DSS61 telescope remotely from their classroom for a couple of hours during the track. This was really a remarkable experience. The activity was covered in local TV news as well as a newspaper which you can see here (but in Spanish, of course).

Today I gave a talk about the project at the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA), hosted by PARTNeR. All the students and teachers in the classroom for the PARTNeR observation came. I was so impressed with lots of nice questions by the students. I also appreciated the excellent PARTNeR staff (in particular, Juan Angel Vaquerizo and Jesus Santiago Perez from INTA) who arranged for all the events in Madrid to happen. At right is a photo taken after the talk with the students/teachers and PARTNeR staff.


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