GAVRT Success!

December 6, 2009

GAVRT considers this campaign to be a tremendous success.

We had about 12 students and 5 parents come by our Operations Center on Saturday for the kick-off observations, and then 4 classes (two in California, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Hawaii – approximately 80 students total) observed on Monday in our extension of the Jupiter24 campaign.

We also had about 150 unique visitors to our web page which was displaying realtime readouts from our DSS-13 antenna during Jupiter24. We are aware of one newspaper (in Apple Valley, California) and one television station (in Honolulu, Hawaii) which reported on local students participating in Jupiter24.

All of the GAVRT students, parents, and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves (well…most of the students anyway).

We intend to build upon the momentum of Jupiter24 by having GAVRT students continue making Jupiter observations in the coming year (adding to the scientific value of the Jupiter24 campaign), and we will attempt to coordinate future Jupiter observations with the PARTNeR antenna in Madrid, and the other DSN sites as their time allows.

I would also add that the excitement (and pressure!) of Jupiter24 inspired us to make improvements to our hardware, operating procedures, and on-line tools for students.

Mark Hofstadter, Coordinator for J:P24 at GAVRT


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