J:P24 Campaign Launched

November 21, 2009

Last night the Jupiter: Project 24 campaign was launched in Canberra at the CSIRO’s Discovery Centre.

A warm evening was greeted by an audience of international embassy representatives, academics and members of the public, who heard from radio astronomers Cristina Miro Garcia and Shinji Horiuchi speaking about the project.

Canberra DSN Director, Dr Miriam Baltuck opened proceedings and spoke on the chance meeting with Carlos Aragon, Cultural Attache at the Spanish Embassy who was interested in the Canberra and Madrid stations doing something together to mark the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

This led to the Jupiter: Project 24 campaign being developed and involving all three stations in NASA’s Deep Space Network.

The US Charge de Affair, Dan Clune along with the Spanish Ambassador Carlos Sanchez attended the proceedings. An appreciative audience heard about the importance of the international cooperation which exists in space exploration and radio astronomy and how the Jupiter campaign hopes to learn more about the giant planet.

The talk was followed by some wonderful food and refreshments courtesy of the Spanish Embassy.

Now the real work begins with the tracking of Jupiter.

You can find Shinji’s and Cristina’s talks on the Presentations page.


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