Welcome to JUPITER: Project 24

November 2, 2009

Join us as the radio antennas of NASA’s Deep Space Network, through its stations in Goldstone, California (thru GAVRT), Madrid, Spain and Canberra, Australia support a 24-hour observation campaign of Jupiter.


Four hundred years ago Galileo Galilei turned his telescope on the planet Jupiter, and his discoveries changed forever the way humanity thinks about the Universe.

To celebrate Galileo’s discoveries, from the 21st of November (see the tracking schedule for full details) we will undertake the Jupiter 24 Project, 24 hours of continuous radio observation of the planet Jupiter using the radio telescopes of NASA’s Deep Space Network, the DSN.  

This is the first time that such a long continuous series of ground-based radio observations of Jupiter at a single frequency has been undertaken in an organised way. The goal of the 24 Jupiter project is to search for possible non-thermal variability from other causes, such as variations in solar activity, and possible changes from a remnant of the big impact spotted by an amateur astronomer near Canberra in July 2009.


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